Prepare delicious cup of coffee is not so complicated. It is important to focus on a few things: the date of the coffee roast, the correct grind for the chosen brewing method, the proper water temperature. 

So, the best way to begin is ... choose coffee! Yes, this is the first and most important step. Always check the freshness of the coffee! The taste notes will also be discussed with the geographical indicators. If you are looking for more interesting and complex flavors turn boldly towards the regional or even better specific single origin. The "golden" period is to prepare the coffee - when it is roasted a few weeks or even days ago.

The next step is grinding coffee. Each coffee maker requires a certain amount of grinding. If we recommend using a large, coarse grind for brewing a French Press coffee machine, then the filtered Chemex, Harry/Kalita or Aeropress appliances will require medium and finer grind. Espresso grind needs to be finely ground.

Freshly ground coffee: check. The best grind size for your brewing method: check. A recipe that monitors dosage and time: check. What’s missing?

Water temperature. Use a kettle with goose-neck spout for precision pouring. When the water is boiling, remove the kettle from the heat for 30 seconds. The perfect brewing temperature is 195 to 205 degrees F.

Proportion is also important. In general, it's enough to keep one simple relationship: 1 liter of water needs 60g of coffee. Below are experiments on the stronger or weaker side.

P.S. Užpildami kavą tradiciniu būdu, tiesiai puodelyje, geriausias skonines savybes išgausite užpylę kavą 90-96C vandeniu ir palikę puodelį ramiai pabūt apie 4 minutes. Tuomet šaukšto pagalba pašalinkite likusius paviršiuje tirščius ir ragaukite. Tokiu būdu iki šiol geriausias kavas profesionalai ragauja pasaulio čempionatuose ir Cup of Excellence aukcionuose - tad nenurašykite šio paprasto kavos ragavimo būdo: jis negailestingas kavos defektams ar tiesiog blogam skoniui.